registered service dog
Service Dog Certificate Package

A service dog is a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. The tasks or work that the dog performs must be related to the person's disability.

Registered Emotional Support Dog
Emotional Support Animal Certification

Emotional support Animals (ESAs) provide comfort to individuals suffering from anxiety, stress or other mental health concerns, and help them deal with challenges that might otherwise compromise their quality of life.

Therapy Dog Certificate Package

Therapy dogs provide relief to individuals to those in facility settings, or to individuals who require comfort with dealing emotional, or physical problems. Unlike Emotional Support Animals, therapy dogs do not require a prescription from a healthcare professional. Launches Support Dog ID Card on Apple Wallet & Google Wallet in the United States and Canada

The only Mobile support dog Certificate on Apple Wallet & Google Wallet

Introducing an easy and convenient way to add your Service Dog Registration to your mobile wallet through our integration with Apple Wallet and Google Wallet in Australia. This feature ensures that you can access your Service Dog Registration and Service Dog Certificate anytime and anywhere you go.

Support Animal Certificate & Accessories Australia

Animal Registration

By obtaining a support dog certificate, you can reduce the chance of questions and disputes if you bring your dog onto premises that may otherwise not allow dogs.

Global Use

Our service dog certificates are intended to be used in Australia and may be accepted internationally as well.

Mobile Wallet

You can now use your emotional support animal registration with QR on your Apple Wallet and Google Wallet.

Immediate Download

Our support dog certifications are available for immediate PDF download for same day use. These support dog documents can be easily printed at your leisure.

Lifetime Access

Our Australian support dog registration documents never expire, so you never have to deal with renewing! Search your service dog registration number on our search ID tool or by scanning the QR code on your support dog certificate.

Customer Support

Our support team is here to help you with any issues that should arise with your service dog certificate or ID card.

Do I qualify for a support dog registration?

Take the ssupportdog qualification quiz now and you'll gain a better understanding of the type of assistance you require and the potential benefits of having a service dog certificate or an emotional support animal registration.

Reviews of Service Dog certificates

Lachlan, T.
Sydney, New South Wales
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My new landlord was giving me such a hard time with my emotional support dog, Teddy. Now that I can show my landlord that Teddy is a trained support dog and a certified Emotional support animal I feel alot better.
Sienna, D.
Melbourne, Victoria
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I trained my dog on my own to help calm me down when I have anxiety. Now that he is certified as a service dog my life is so much easier. I'm so happy I could print out this ID and certificate and use on my Apple wallet.
Darcy M.
Brisbane, Queensland
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The support dog registration process took five minutes. Downloaded my emotional support animal certificate right away. Thank you.
Matilda B.
Perth, Western Australia
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Printed the ID and laminated it at home for my wallet. While this gives me piece of mind if somebody asks me if my dog is a support dog, I reccomend also having a vest if you want to avoid the situation all together. Any way, thank you!
Angus T.
Adelaide, South Australia
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Bought this for my father in law who really shouldnt go anywhere without his support dog. Sometime's he would get stares in the coffee shop or library. Now he feels more comfortable with his identification. Not to mention his beautiful dog Sheila is very well trained and mannered.

Frequently Asked Australian Support Animal Questions

Sometimes assistance dogs in Australia may be referred to as service dogs and the terms are often used interchangeably depending on location. There are other types of dogs that assist people with disability, but they may not get the same access rights as an assistance dog. Service dog is a widely used term in North America, which has the same connotation as assistance dog in Australia. Assistance dogs in Australia are specifically trained to perform tasks that assist individuals with disabilities. This can include guiding people who are blind, alerting individuals who are deaf, pulling a wheelchair, or performing other duties such as:
– Opening and closing doors
– Paying cashiers at shops
– Pressing buttons

In addition to physical day-to-day tasks, assistance dogs in Australia may also:
– Improve self-esteem
– Provide love and companionship
– Provide a sense of freedom and independence

Assistance dogs in Australia are distinct in their level of training and the rights afforded to them. Unlike pets or emotional support animals, assistance dogs must go through rigorous training to meet specific standards that enable them to work effectively in public and private spaces. These dogs have legal access to public places, transport, and accommodations, rights that are not universally extended to pets or emotional support animals.


Assistance dogs in Australia are protected under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth), ensuring individuals with disabilities can be accompanied by their assistance dogs in public places, including restaurants, shops, and on public transport. This legislation mandates that assistance dogs are recognized across all states and territories, ensuring their handlers are not discriminated against.

The ADA does not require certification, but it is recommended to have proof that the animal has been certified or registered to help staff and general public recognize your dog as a support animal. By law businesses my only ask you two questions to determine if your dog is a service dog:

  1. Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?
  2. What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

It is unlawful to ask any questions about your disability.

You can prove your dog is registered with Service Dog Certifications by using the number on your certificate or ID card with our Search ID Feature.

Yes. Any dog breed is eligible to become a Service Dog, ESA, or Therapy Dog as long as they can meet the requirements. Traditionally Labs, German Shepherds, and Poodles have been common support animals, but the ADA does not place any limitations on breeds. Each dog and their personality is unique, so make sure your dog is a good candidate before investing time and effort on both your parts.

Emotional support dogs do not have the same legal recognition as assistance dogs in Australia. This means they do not have automatic access rights to public places and transport in the way assistance dogs do under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth).

While Australia’s laws primarily recognize assistance dogs, individuals with emotional support dogs may negotiate with landlords on a case-by-case basis. It’s advisable to provide documentation from a health professional and a registered ID regarding the need for an emotional support dog, which can assist in these negotiations.

Generally, emotional support dogs do not have the same access rights to public places and transport as assistance dogs. Access may be granted at the discretion of the facility or service provider.

While there is no legal requirement for emotional support dogs to be registered in Australia, voluntary registration can provide an added layer of validation for your emotional support dog. Our organization offers a voluntary registration process that includes: 

  • Registration Details: Submitting details about your emotional support dog for our registry.
  • Issuance of Identification: We provide identification materials such as tags or certificates that can help in identifying your dog as a registered emotional support animal.

Benefits of Voluntary Registration

  • Enhanced Recognition: While not legally binding, having your emotional support dog registered can help in negotiations with landlords and in other situations where proof of your dog’s role might be beneficial.
  • Community and Support: Registration connects you with a community of individuals who rely on emotional support animals, providing a network of support and resources.

While not required, equipping your emotional support dog with a vest or harness can be beneficial. While it doesn’t grant legal rights, it helps others recognize your dog’s role, making access negotiations smoother and promoting greater understanding in public settings. 

Bringing an emotional support dog to work depends on your employer’s policies. Unlike assistance dogs, there is no legal mandate for employers to accommodate emotional support dogs. However, discussing your needs and providing documentation from a mental health professional may help in gaining approval. 

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