Service Dog Vest Harness


Service Dog Vest Harness – Durable, Adjustable, and Reflective

Elevate your service dog’s comfort and functionality with our Durable Service Dog Vest Harness. Made from premium nylon, this harness is designed for year-round use, providing both comfort and durability. Its sleek and solid design not only ensures your service dog is easily identifiable but also stylishly outfitted.

Optimized for Service Dogs: This service dog vest harness is tailored to meet the unique needs of service dogs. It offers an even distribution of pressure across the body to prevent choking and pulling, ensuring your service dog can perform its duties without discomfort. The adjustable chest strap with a secure snap-on buckle allows for a personalized fit, accommodating your service dog’s growth and activity levels.

Enhanced Control and Handling: Featuring a robust nylon handle, this harness offers superior control, essential for service dogs in various environments. Whether navigating through crowded spaces or providing assistance, this handle ensures you have the necessary grip and management over your service dog.

Visibility and Safety in All Conditions: Safety is paramount for service dogs, and our service dog vest harness is equipped with reflective straps to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. The sturdy D-ring for leash attachment adds an extra layer of security, making it ideal for both urban and outdoor settings.

Ideal for Daily Use and Training: This service dog vest harness is not just a tool but a part of your service dog’s daily life. It’s perfect for daily walks, training sessions, and any situation where your service dog needs to be at its best.

Choose our Red Service Dog Vest Harness for a combination of functionality, comfort, and safety, ensuring your service dog is well-equipped for its important role.


How to measure your dog


  1. To measure the chest girth, begin just behind the dog’s front legs at the base of the spine, wrap the measuring tape completely around the chest, and return to the starting point.
  2. For the neck girth, position the tape at the shoulder blade and extend it over the top to a point just above the front legs.
  3. Perform the measurements for both the chest and neck three times to confirm consistency in the numbers obtained.
SizeChest (in)Neck (in)Weight (lb)
SizeChest (cm)Neck (cm)Weight (kg)

All sales final, please carefully review sizing chart prior to order.