Support Animal Hoodie for Dogs and Cats


Elevate your support animal’s style and make identifying them easier with the Registered Support Animal Hoodie for Dogs and Cats from! Discover the perfect blend of fashion and functionality designed exclusively for your furry companions.

Why Choose Our Support Animal Hoodie?

Unparalleled Comfort: Crafted from high-quality 100% polyester, this hoodie offers your pet unmatched comfort. It’s soft, lightweight, and suitable for all seasons, ensuring warmth during chilly winters and breathability in hot summers.

Tailored to Fit: We believe every pet deserves to look their best. That’s why we offer this hoodie in 5 different sizes, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your pet, whether they’re a petite feline friend or a large canine companion.

Subtle Elegance: Our Registered Support Animal Hoodie features an understated design with “Registered Support Animal” discreetly printed on the sides. It’s unobtrusive yet stylish, signaling your pet’s role as a source of support while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Stunning Detail: Our advanced printing technology ensures that your selected artwork is reproduced with stunning precision. Your pet’s unique personality will shine through in every intricate design, making them the center of attention.

Quality Craftsmanship: Attention to detail matters. Each hoodie features a ½ inch folded edge for a polished look, and the seam thread color is automatically matched to your design, maintaining the overall aesthetic.

Made with Love: Our Registered Support Animal Hoodies are proudly assembled in the USA using globally sourced parts, supporting local craftsmanship while providing you with a premium product.

Easy Care Instructions for your Support Animal Hoodie:

Maintenance is a breeze. Keep your pet’s hoodie fresh and clean with these simple steps:

  • Machine wash with cold water (max 30°C or 90°F).
  • Avoid using bleach to preserve colors and fabric softness.
  • Tumble dry on low heat to maintain the perfect fit.

Invest in your pet’s style and comfort today with the Registered Support Animal Hoodie from! Let your furry friend wear their support role with pride in our stylish, subtly designed  support animal hoodie.

Girth (Circumference), in17.3018.5020.5022.5026.50
Crown of Hood to Hem (length) , in14.2515.7518.0019.5024.50
Collar to Hem (length) , in9.7510.7511.7512.5016.75
Leg Opening, in7.008.209.3010.0012.50
Neck Opening, in12.0012.0013.4014.5015.00
Hood Opening, in13.0013.6015.0017.0019.00

All sales final, please carefully review sizing chart prior to order.