Flying with Your Service Dog on Delta Airlines: A Comprehensive Guide

Flying with Your Service Dog on Delta Airlines

Traveling with Your Service Dog on Delta Airlines: A Comprehensive Guide

Navigating air travel with your service dog can seem daunting, but with a bit of preparation, the journey can be made seamless. Although service dogs are protected by federal laws, you need to follow certain guidelines to ensure a hassle-free flight. This guide will elucidate the process of flying with your service dog on Delta Airlines.

About Delta Airlines

Holding the title of the world’s most awarded airline, Delta Airlines is a preferred choice for countless travelers. In 2021, it clinched the No. 1 position in the J.D. Power and Associates North America Airline Satisfaction Study. Serving 200 million passengers each year, Delta Airlines connects over 50 countries and 300 destinations.

When you’re traveling on Delta Airlines with your service dog, two primary federal laws are applicable:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The ADA ensures the rights of individuals with disabilities, extending this protection to their service dogs. These dogs undergo specialized training to assist individuals with disabilities, playing an instrumental role in ensuring the safety and well-being of their handler.

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACA)

The ACA is specific to air travel, allowing disabled individuals to travel with their service dogs without any additional pet fees or regulations.

Flying with Your Service Dog on Delta Airlines: A Step-by-Step Guide

Current Regulations

As of now, Delta Airlines only permits service dogs on board. They discontinued reservations for emotional support dogs (ESA) since January 11, 2021. A passenger can travel with a maximum of two trained service dogs.

Step 1: Pre-Flight Documentation

Before you fly with your service dog on Delta Airlines, two forms need to be completed:

The U.S. DOT Service Animal Air Travel Form

This form affirms your service dog’s health, behavior, and training. For flights booked 48 hours or more prior to departure, it’s submitted via the Accessibility Request form on the “My Trips” webpage. If your flight is booked less than 48 hours before departure, it can be handed in at the check-in counter or departure gate.

The DOT Relief Attestation Form

This form is required for flights that last 8 hours or more. It’s a declaration from the service dog handler about the dog’s ability to relieve itself in a sanitary manner or assurance that the dog won’t need to relieve itself during the flight.

Step 2: In-Flight Arrangements

When flying with a service dog, it’s recommended to choose a seat that will comfortably accommodate the dog. The service dog must be seated on the floor below the seat or, if small enough, on the handler’s lap. Service dogs should not occupy a seat, eat off the tray tables, extend into the aisle, or intrude on another customer’s space.

If the dog is too large or might cause obstructions, it may be checked in as baggage free of charge. Alternatively, you can purchase a second ticket for the service animal, subject to seat availability.

Step 3: Checking-In and Boarding

Allow extra time for check-in and boarding when traveling with a service animal. Additional documentation and accommodations might prolong the boarding process, so it’s prudent to factor in some extra time.

Also, it’s wise to let your service dog relieve itself before the flight, irrespective of the duration. All U.S. airports have designated animal relief areas.

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Other Considerations

Quarantine Regulations

Certain destinations might not allow the entry of animals, including service animals, due to quarantine rules. It’s advisable to check the animal requirements of your destination before booking the flight.

Service Dog Behavior

Delta Airlines can refuse to accommodate a service dog if it exhibits undesirable behaviors such as biting, growling, jumping on people, inappropriately relieving itself, barking excessively, or eating from tray tables.


For any additional queries about flying with a service dog on Delta Airlines, you can directly get in touch with Delta’s customer service at 404-209-3434. Safe and pleasant travels to you and your service dog!

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