Flying with a Service Dog at Pearson International Airport: A Comprehensive Guide

service dog at Pearson International Airport

If you are travelling through Toronto with a service dog at Pearson International Airport there are a few things you may want to know. If you’re a person with a disability and are accompanied by a service dog, traveling can be a bit of a challenge and cause for frustration. But with proper planning, flying out of Pearson International Airport with your service dog can be a smooth and stress-free experience. As required by law, service dogs are permitted to accompany their handlers at Pearson and do not require carriers.

Spring break is fast approaching which means busy and hectic airports. When traveling with a service dog at Pearson International Airport, advance planning is key to an easy airport experience. If flying out of Toronto, here are a few helpful tips to make your trip a breeze:

  1. Know the rules and regulations: Before you book your flight, make sure you’re aware of the airline’s policy regarding traveling with a service dog. Some airlines may require documentation or specific equipment for the dog. Be sure to check in advance so you can plan accordingly. Some airlines may require  evidence of certification such as a Certificate and ID and proof of vaccination.
  • Arrive early: Arriving at the airport early can help you avoid any last-minute stress or confusion. This will give you enough time to go through security, check in, and board the plane without feeling rushed.
  • Inform the airport and airline: Once you’ve arrived at the airport, inform the airline and airport staff that you’ll be traveling with a service dog. This is not required but will ensure that the necessary accommodations are made and that your dog will be treated properly throughout the journey.
  • Go through security: When you go through security, your service dog will need to be screened. You’ll be able to walk through the metal detector with your dog, but they may need to be patted down by a TSA officer. Keep your dog on a leash and have their certificate and ID readily accessible via your cell phone or print out.
  • Boarding the plane: When it’s time to board the plane, inform the flight attendant that you’re traveling with a service dog. The flight attendant will help you find a suitable place for you and your dog to sit.
  • On the flight: Once you’re on the plane, keep your service dog close to you at all times. They should be wearing a harness or bandana that identifies them as a service animal.
service dog at Pearson International Airport pet relief area
service dog at Pearson International Airport pet relief area

Pet Relief Area

Pet Relief Areas are available in Terminals 1 and 3 for a service dog at Pearson International Airport, pre and post-security, so no matter where you’re travelling, you can find a comfortable space for your pet to relieve themselves. Braille signage marking the Pet Relief Area is available at the entry point of the facility. Aira service is also available to persons with service dogs for additional wayfinding support.

Traveling with a service dog at Pearson International Airport is a straightforward process with proper planning and preparation. By following these guidelines, you and your Service Dog  can enjoy a smooth and stress-free flight and enjoy your vacation.

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