How to Get an Emotional Support Animal in Florida: A Step-by-Step Guide

Emotional Support Animal in Florida

Emotional Support Animals in Florida at a Glance  

An emotional support animal is a pet that offers comfort, companionship, and a sense of emotional well-being to its owner who has a mental health disability. Unlike service animals, emotional support animals do not require any specific training or certification. Emotional support animals primarily assist individuals with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD by providing emotional support and companionship. 

It’s important to note that emotional support animals are not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which is different from service animals that are protected under this law. However, there are several laws that cover both emotional support animals and service animals in Florida 

What is an Emotional Support Animal In Florida 

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are an increasingly common way for people in Florida to find emotional support and comfort in the midst of mental health conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, and emotional distress. Unlike service animals that are typically trained dogs that help people with physical or sensory disabilities, ESAs can be any type of animal that provides emotional support. Although dogs are the most common type of ESA, most household pets can be registered as ESAs as long as they offer comfort and companionship. 

Unlike service animals, ESAs don’t require specific training to aid their owners. Rather, their presence alone can provide significant therapeutic benefits. However, it’s important to note that ESAs are not covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) like service animals are, though there are some Florida state laws that offer protections for both types of animals. 

Individuals can choose a wide variety of animals to be their ESA, including dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, mice, hamsters, lizards, and other creatures. However, it’s essential to research the specific laws and guidelines that apply to ESAs in Florida before seeking accommodations for travel or housing. By working with a licensed mental health professional and getting an ESA letter, people with mental health conditions in Florida can experience the support and comfort they need from their emotional support animals. 

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Requirements for an Emotional Support Animal in Florida 

The process of getting an emotional support animal in Florida is the same as it is in every state in the United States of America. If you have a disability that can be verified by a medical professional and the support from an emotional support animal would help improve your life, a you are eligible for an Emotional Support Animal in Florida.  

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To utilize the protections afforded by Emotional Support Animals in Florida, you simply need a letter from your healthcare provider stating that the animal is a necessary part of your treatment for a qualifying mental health condition. The letter does not need to follow any specific format, but it is recommended that it be written by a Florida practitioner on their professional letterhead. The exact details included in the letter will be decided by the doctor and patient on a case-by-case basis. 

While registration of Emotional Support Animals in Florida is not legally required, many owners choose to do so voluntarily through Service Dog Certificates. This provides owners with a mobile ID compatible with digital wallets and certification documentation, which can be quickly presented to third parties such as landlords and business owners as proof of their animal’s status. Physical markers like collars and bandanas can also be helpful for owners of emotional support animals in Florida to avoid conflicts and allow members of the public to quickly recognize the animal’s registered status. 

If you experience anxiety, depression, PTSD, general distress, or phobias, you may be eligible for an emotional support animal in Florida. 

Housing Laws for Emotional Support Animals in Florida 

Florida law provides protections for individuals with emotional support animals under the Fair Housing Act. As long as a person can provide proof that the animal is needed, they cannot be restricted, evicted, or charged due to having an emotional support animal. The necessary proof comes in the form of an ESA Letter, which can be obtained easily through US Service Animals. With this letter, both the individual and their emotional support animal are protected under Florida law. 

Despite legal protection, landlords are permitted to require evidence for the Emotional Support Animal. Registering with Service Dog Certificates to receive a digital ID that can be presented in your mobile wallet is a quick and efficient way to be prepared. Having an ID on you at all times  can put you at ease if questioned about your use of an Emotional Support Animal in Florida. 

If an Emotional Support Animals are causing harm to owners or others, landlords are entitled to deny the request for access to Emotional Support Animals in Florida. 

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Employment Laws for Emotional Support Animals in Florida 

Unlike certain states like California, Florida lawdoes not require workplaces to permit Emotional Support Animals. Protection of Emotional Support Animals in Florida is considered a gray area under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, this does not necessarily mean that emotional support animals can’t come to work with you if you have a legitimate need for it. If you make a request to have your emotional support animal accompany you to work, your employer may make an exception, as is commonly done. More and more employers are recognizing the positive impact that emotional support animals can have on their employees, leading to an increase in the number of workplaces that allow them. 

Flying with an Emotional Support Animal in Florida 

Regrettably, Emotional Support Animals in Florida can no longer accompany their owners in the cabin of an airplane. The Air Carrier Access Act only grants this privilege to service dogs. If you have a small ESA, you may be able to bring it along as a carry-on item that can be stowed beneath your seat. 

Alternatively, if your emotional support animal is a dog, you may want to consider training it to become a service dog. Service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks that help to alleviate distress related to disabilities. Click here to voluntarily register your qualified service dog 

Service dogs are covered under the Air Carrier Access Act, but airlines may require you to complete forms prior to your flight. These forms often request information about your service dog’s training, and you will also need to agree that your dog be treated as a pet and placed in a carrier if it becomes aggressive or disruptive during the flight. 

FAQs for Emotional Support Animals in Florida 

Can my Emotional Support Animal Accompany me on a College or University Campus? 

Yes, the Fair Housing Act also extends to co-ops and college campuses. Students grappling with mental health conditions are allowed to have emotional support animals in on-campus housing, residential halls, and even some lecture halls. However, it is essential to inform the school in advance before moving on-campus. 

Can my Landlord deny my Emotional Support Animal in Florida? 

It depends, a landlord may deny your ESA request if your animal is not well-behaved. If they observe any damage to their property, aggressive behavior towards other tenants, or potential health hazards, they may retract their approval. In these scenarios, it is the landlord’s responsibility to safeguard other residents, which supersedes a tenant’s preference to keep a potentially risky animal on the property. Further, it is illegal to misrepresent your animal as an Emotional Support Animal in Florida 

What Types of Animals are Eligible as ESAs? 

Although dogs and cats are the most common type of ESA by far, any pet may technically qualify as an Emotional Support Animal in Florida. 

What if I Misrepresent my Emotional Support Animal in Florida? 

It’s crucial to understand the distinction between an emotional support animal and a service animal in Florida. Misrepresenting an emotional support animal as a service animal is considered illegal, and those found guilty may face a penalty of up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. 

Fortunately, Florida is home to many places where you and your emotional support animal can enjoy. From gorgeous beaches to pet-friendly parks, the state offers various activities that guarantee you and your companion a safe and fun time. 

One significant benefit of registering you Emotional Support Animal in Florida is that is recognized nationwide. Regardless of whether you’re in Florida or New Mexico, you can easily register for an ESA. 

What is the Difference Between ESAs and Service Animals. 

Although the terms may seem interchangeable, it is essential to understand that each type of animal has a distinct meaning and varying legal protections which handlers must familiarize themselves with. 

A service animal undergoes training to aid their owner with a disability in their daily routines. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals in Florida are allowed inside businesses that don’t typically permit pets. 

An emotional support animal is legally defined as an animal that provides therapeutic benefits through companionship alone. Owners in Florida who require an ESA are entitled to statutory protection when seeking housing and living accommodations. 

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