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Feel comfortbale bringing your service dog where you are legally permitted. Our digital service dog certificate packages come with a uniquely identifiable service dog certificate, ID card & official letter.  Our documents are available instantly for download.

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Registered Service Dog Certificate ID Card

Service Dog Certificate Package

The American Disability Act defines a service dog as a dog that has been individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.

Registered Emotional Support Dog ESA ID CArd

Emotional Support Dog Certificate Package

Emotional support Animals (ESAs) provide comfort to individuals suffering from anxiety, stress or other mental health concerns, and help them deal with challenges that might otherwise compromise their quality of life.

Registered Therapy Dog ID Card

Therapy Dog Certificate Package

Therapy dogs provide relief to individuals to those in facility settings, or to individuals who require comfort with dealing emotional, or physical problems. Unlike Emotional Support Animals, therapy dogs do not require a prescription from a healthcare professional.

Service Dog Certificates & Accessories

Make It Official

By obtaining a support dog certificate, you can reduce the chance of questions and disputes if you bring your dog onto premises that may otherwise not allow dogs.

Global Use

Our support dog certificates are intended to be used in the United States, Canada, Australia and may be accepted internationally as well.

Immediate Donwload

Our support dog certifications are available for immediate PDF download for same day use.

Lifetime Access

Our identification cards and certificates never expire, so you never have to deal with renewing! Search your support dog registration number on our search ID tool or scanning the QR code on your id card.

Customer Support

Our support team is here to help you with any issues that should arise with your service dog certificate or ID card.

We Support Dogs

We proudly donate a portion of every sale to the betterment of our beloved dogs worldwide.

Reviews of Service Dog certificates

Tammy Lynne
California, United States
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My new landlord was giving me such a hard time with my service dog, Teddy. Now that I can show my landlord that Teddy is trained and certified I feel alot better.
Kerry Shnah
Austin, Texas
Read More
I took my dog for lots of training to be certified as a service dog. I'm so happy I could print out this id and certificate.
Joel Holm
Raleigh, North Carolina
Read More
The service dog registration process took five minutes. Downloaded my emotional support animal certificate right away. Thank you.
Michael Kantsman
Nevada, United States
Read More
Printed the ID and laminated it at home for my wallet. While this gives me piece of mind if somebody asks me if my dog is a service dog, I reccomend also having a vest if you want to avoid the situation all together. Any way, thank you!
Jessica Ragnu
Montpelier, Vermont
Read More
Bought this for my father in law who really shouldnt go anywhere without his support dog. Sometime's he would get stares in the coffee shop or library. Now he feels more comfortable with his identification. Not to mention his beautiful dog Sheila is very well trained and mannered.
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